Are you struggling to find a qualified Payments Manager?
Or do you need an expert to lead your e-payments strategy?
Stop your search… We take care of your e-Payments!

Your Payments Manager will lead and implement e-projects for your business while handling interpersonal relationships with Payment Service Providers and monitoring daily payments operations.

You will get top-notch expertise as our Payments Managers are in-line with current market trends, payment regulations, and service standards.

Breakdown of Services
our Payments Manager
will do for you:
  • Identify, compare, and choose the most suitable Payment Service Providers

  • Onboard your business with the chosen PSP

  • Work with your current PSPs to improve performance and reduce costs

  • Monitor daily conversion and auth rates and alert to issues

  • Lead payment related negotiations

  • Support your business development and product teams

  • Provide detailed reporting to the upper management

  • Save your R&D time and enable easy integration