What to expect from onboarding?


Initial Ice-breaking: meeting to get know each other

A. Our team will pose queries on

  • Your Business

  • Your Products/Services

  • Your Current Market Share

  • Any Current Payment Setup you may have and the problems you face with it

  • The agenda of the meeting is to understand your company’s vision

B. Presentation on PaymentsOpHub and what it can do for you

C. Brainstorming session on how we improve your company online operations


Our team creates a detailed plan of action

A project manager will be assigned to you who will lay the foundation of the action plan including the following  points:

A. Technical integration with the platform

B. Perform provider analysis and initiate commercial discussion

C. Involve the analyst who will be monitoring your daily online payments

D. Identify key stakeholders in your business and level of their cooperation into dayly operations


Operations Management

 Once the integration is complete and the project starts, our team will

  • Monitor all your online payment and risk activities

  • Take swift action upon deviances, inefficiencies or fraud

  • Give weekly operations reports

  • Conduct monthly performance meetings

  • Helping you build your payments roadmap

  • Perform other ad-hoc services agreed upon 

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